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Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm back!

Sorry all y'all, but I have a ton of excuses, grandkids visiting, trip to Tennesee to visit family, ended up in hospital...enough?

All is well now, and I'm back to the Blog ... which almost didn't recognize me, wanted a user name, then other stuff. I finally fooled them and got here. Whew

BTW: remember when I told everybody to go see Mama Mia? What a treat that was. Someone wrote a comment that Pierce Brosnan had a terrible voice. Well, there are those of us who don't worry about his voice, but do admire his gorgeousness!

Latest movie I've seen is the Meryl Streep take on Julia Child. Great fun. How she can (at her age!) accomplish her leap above the bed in Mama Mia is just amazing. Too much. As for the Julia Child movie, she is so convincing...

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Hey, I'm back. We went to Tennessee for a family get-together, and I ended up calling 911 and riding in an ambulance with flashing lights to a nearby hospital, where tests indicated surgery.

When we left, the doctor kept saying: now, tomorrow, call a Urologist and arrange for surgery to remove the stent. I reminded the doctor that we would not get home before about 2 in the morning, so calling the Urologist would have to wait a bit!

Now comes the only good news in this post! We went to see the Roanoke urulogist who grinned: let's do the surgery right now! HUH? Then, instead of 'surgery' he placed some thin covered wires and demolished the stent and anything else there! No pain, no anesthesia, amazing.

Basically, a huge kidney stone had been removed during the surgery, so I'd expected yet another operation. Since men typically suffer from kidney stones, I saw the waiting room crowded with men, so they must also benefit from those tiny covered wires. What a neat technique.