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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Beautiful weather!

Wow, what good things have we done to deserve such gawjus weather? We actually have to put the windows of the sunroom down, using the screens, to cool it off some. Lovely! Supposed to rain tomorrow, Thursday, but that's OK. Bulbs are sending up their green, green leaves. Puppies are full of energy. Husband's eyes are twinkling...and it isn't even March yet, although by tomorrow, it will be.

Let's see...in like a lion, out like a lamb?

Sadie Mae had a bit of an incident. I don't think I blogged this, although I may have. I heard her beside me, going lap...lap...lap. Looked down, and she had tipped over a plastic bottle of mineral oil that I use to clean up around her eyes, gotten the TOP off, & was having a fine old time. Thank heavens she is housebroken now, because that is one good laxative. I immediately dumped a box of baking soda on the carpet, then another. And another. Vacuumed up the goop (next I'll have to take the vac apart & clean all the filters, I know that) over & over again.

When I next saw the ad on TV for those Zorbeez, special cloths that are supposed to absorb any kind of spill, I went ahead & ordered them. It'll take a month or more for them to arrive, but I think I may need those babies. I keep remembering when my kids were small....Andy in particular managed to decorate the space under his high chair with more food and milk than it seemed possible. Of course, I had my kids before such inventions as sippy cups!

Heck, I had my kids before they had disposable diapers! My Mom gave me diaper service for each of my three children after she saw how little help I got from their Dad. Now, diaper service was wonderful. I'd drop a little underwear shirt into the bin "accidentally" and would get a little printed note from the laundry service reminding me NOT to do that. They got them SO white and clean.

Now, my kids have kids that are having babies, at least in one case so far. And Moms today get a "girls' night out"--HUH, that sounds like fun, with Dad babysitting. Nothing like Britney Spears, though. I think she's having a mental breakdown in public. Between her shenigans and all the mess about that Anna Nicole Smith, TV "news" is just bilious.

This morning, though, on Good Morning America, there was a beautiful, emotional welcoming for Bob Woodruff. Brought me to tears. Then they had a nice story about the fellow who was in prison, got assigned to the kitchen, fell in love with COOKING and now is a respected chef. Too bad we can't assign Paris Hilton to some kitchen somewhere. There's a useless celebrity. She charges millions just to go to a party so the media will cover it.

My mother worked, teaching herself to type so she could issue drivers' licenses for the DC government, riding to work with my Dad, who inspected bridges for them. My maternal grandmother worked in the same building, as a switchboard operator. She didn't have to work but grandaddy traveled all over for the railroad, and she decided to work in order to have a cleaning lady! Besides, she loved being around people. HER mother worked as a seamstress for well-to-do families in Virginia and DC, employing as many as 10 young women to do the actual stitching of wedding dresses and trousseaus. Not one of these women would understand a Paris Hilton.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Man Caves!

The Roanoke Times ran a big piece recently on Man Caves, showing spaces men have carved out of their homes to be their very own. Some had barber chairs (what is that about?), the requisite big screen panel TV, popcorn poppers, their own designated Men's Bathroom (who cleans it?), a fridge.

See, I KNEW When Men Move to the Basement was cutting edge. Of course, when men start carving their initials into their cave walls, it may be time to worry.

Valentine's Day and other news

Dick is still fighting a bad chest cold. Taking OTC stuff, drinking tea with honey, sleeping a LOT. Very disappointed that he was unable to sing with his BBS quartet; they sing love songs, present a long-stemmed red silk rose, take a picture with the recipient. The money earned goes towards local scholarships.

Once he recovers, I get to collect on his Valentine's Day promise of dinner out at Abuelo's in Roanoke.

Last night, I went to hear Paddy Dougherty and her small band at SMAC's coffeehouse, held at Trinity Ecumenical at SML. She was terrific! She sang many of her own compositions, played a killer guitar and keyboard, laughed and joked in between songs. She lives in Lynchburg, so I know we'll have her back in the area. The room was packed with SMAC members but also with nonmembers, at a reasonable cost. Coffee and wonderful desserts were there. (Paddy said we surely were into desserts!).

Her musicians were also incredible. One fellow on two different keyboards was outstanding; he also played the sax. Another guitarist (electric) and a very talented drummer rounded out the group. Paddy played and sang with Alison Krause at one point in NYC, a bit of a fluke as she tells the story.

One of our SMAC board members had heard her in Bedford, said: "WOW!" and booked her for the coffeehouse. She has two CDs out, which I now own, and is working on the music for another.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sadie Mae is just fine; news about Adriana Trigiani

Sadie Mae is absolutely back to normal--bossing around the two Labs, Winchester and Remington, who have finally lost interest in her. Whew! She does her turbo runs around the lawn, ears flying back, zipping and zapping, as Remington, the Lab puppy, tries to catch up with her. She's too fast for him now that she's recovered.

Our Franklin County Library Book Club, newly formed, is discussing Adriana Trigiani's latest book, Home to Big Stone Gap. I e-mailed Adriana, who wanted to visit with our club by phone if possible, on the date we discuss her book. But it won't work out unfortunately. Adriana is off to the UK, then briefly to Virginia for a fundraising event in Abingdon, then to Florida, all part of her book tour.

She is, however, sending us a DVD that we can play at our March meeting. She's shown in her NY apartment, at a local restaurant, and other sites in NYC while she discusses each of her books! She provides this DVD to any book club planning to discuss her book(s). Visiting her site, www.adrianatrigiani.com, it's possible to view a trailer of the DVD.

I loved her book, and especially was taken with the cover art. It's absolutely frame-able (if that's a word. If it isn't, Becky will let me know.)

And Becky, thanks for the plug in Prime Living!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Lots happening...how did it get to be February so soon?

Sadie did have her surgery, poor baby. They also implanted a microchip in her shoulder. That way, if she runs off or is taken and gets loose, any vet can read the number and trace her to us.

They kept her for two nights; I was worried as she panics when we're gone for two HOURS. (When we finally get home, she jumps higher in the air than imaginable, as if she had big springs on her four feet, and she grins.) We finally brought her home Saturday morning. She squeaked in pain as she kept trying to run and jump, but couldn't. They gave us pain drops, which she really liked! She'd lick the dropper, then climb in my lap and sleep for at least an hour.

Of course, we've had to keep the randy chocolate Labs well away from her as she still has those hormonal scents for awhile. Today...Tuesday...she is finally pain-free, running fast as she can, pushing her ball away, then running to get it. She weighed 7.6 lbs when I took her in and I believe she lost a bit of weight.

So good to have this over with. She's sleeping right on my feet as I write this, all curled up.

Other news: Seems Ibby Greer must close her Blue Lady Bookshop after all. Their insurance won't cover the tiny building on their estate if it continues as a business. Once Jubal Early's law office, the historical little place must shut down. She's planning a big book sale on Saturday the 17th of this month, then her shop moves online entirely at www.blueridgetraditions.com

For my friends who have worried about my health so much, I'll add that I'm regaining much of the energy I've always depended upon, even planning to attend the SMAC Coffee House music presentation on Friday, February 16th. I'll bring a gluten-free dessert, probably the Preacher Cookies that everyone at Ibby's enjoyed so much! They're as much fudge as cookies, and so good.

Dick is down with a chest cold and sore throat, worried that he'll not be able to sing with his quartet for all the Valentine sing-outs. The other three, however, said they were sure to be able to find another Bass to sing with them....whereupon, it appears his throat is getting MUCH better! I fixed a batch of chicken soup yesterday, hot tea with honey today. I may make him some more chicken soup today. He ate some BBQ chicken and french fries at the little Minute Mart when he went to the dumpster. Methinks he is healing...