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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Worn out; need to take it easy

Last Saturday, a group of us Lake Writers, driven by Jim Morrison, went to Charlottesville for the Virginia Writers Club Annual Meeting. We had a great time, met many people, heard an interesting speaker...Long Island poet Anna Di Bella...and sold a few books. My book, When Men Move to the Basement, was also donated for a door prize (a good way to call attention to your own book).

It was a beautiful day for the drive, but wearing on someone not quite back to full strength. This week since has also been busy. Yesterday, I went with a group from my church to a dinner theater Christmas production at Wolfarhdt Haus in Wythville. The tour bus was very comfortable, and the dinner was excellent. It seems early to listen to Christmas music, but the cast was so very talented that we thoroughly enjoyed the production. One young man, who also helped wait on our table (there were at least 150 people there, in elevated tiers of tables so everyone could see well) said he'd auditioned in NYC for this event. He had a very professional singing voice, at one time imitating Nat King Cole, and he brought everyone to a standing ovation when he sang a delightful arrangement of Go Tell it on The Mountain.

The tour bus got us back to Rocky Mount by 7 pm, and I was sound asleep before 9. Today, Thursday, I'm almost walking in my sleep, so I'm cancelling out on Lake Writers tomorrow to try to get my energy level back in time for Dick's barbershop performance on Saturday night.

Who said nothing ever happens in a small town like this?

Meanwhile, Sadie Mae is dancing towards full housebreaking status! I think it did her good to be home alone with the man yesterday!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Golden Days

This year, the leaves seem more golden, more lush, just brilliant. In the early mornings, when I'm letting Sadie Mae out, the misty rising sun lights every tree with a glow. My weeping cherry tree looks like a page from a calendar, despite wind and rain trying to strip the leaves off.

One of our fruitless pear trees is turning shiny red, and the other two are soon to follow. I draw in my breath and am thankful for another day to enjoy all this fall color.

Since my eye doctor gave me some very good news recently, that his laser treatments have apparently stopped the glaucoma damage, I know I can continue to see beyond what was originally predicted. Grateful? You bet!

Sadie Mae is doing fine, although she's showing her terrier DNA by nipping at my ankles and pantlegs, grrrring as she tries to get me to go where SHE wants to go...dog books remind me that I'm the boss, not Sadie Mae, and if she were a greyhound, it wouldn't be nearly so cute!