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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Well, I think I am back again!

Whew...my Blog wouldn't work here, of all things. PC working fine...so I shut everything down and when I finally came back, Voila!

I'll have some pictures to post soon...waiting for the fall colors to come on strong, also have a grandson's wedding pictures from Maine. He's a college graduate with a super computer job, works world-wide. Too bad he isn't closer to me so he could fix all these things...

Funny story about Jessie. His wife Jessica is called Jessie, and he stayed with her family while he was in college. Her mother would answer the phone: which Jessie do you want to talk to, the male Jessie or the female Jessie? When the caller seemed puzzled, Mom would say: See, we named both our children Jessie; it just made it easier on us!

OK, more later, now that I can post again.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

OK, OK, no more excuses...

Lordy, I've been out of touch but back again. Yes, Becky, you can stop rattling my cage.

Hope everyone is doing well. I've been just plain out of touch. I should copy my friend Ms Redman, and come up with 10 (12?) items ...

How about Sadie Mae, supposedly MY puppy but who has bonded with poop-daddy to the extent that she barks at me!

and Fred First over in Floyd, who is so concerned about getting kids outside, to play in streams and stroll beside them, splashing up little frogs...

and Amy, who has surely by now given up on me, but who delights in getting her kids outdoors.

Well, can't think of more right now, but lets us go with this much.

Must say, though, a personal beef...someone takes a jar of apostrophies and tosses them into the air, letting them fall where they may. Lordy.