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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yes, I am here!

No excuses for being off-blogging for so long. Being a long-time news junkie (it was part of my job for 18 years) I've been sucked in by the TV to the ongoing Michael Jackson coverage.

I've often chided Dick for hollering at the TV...now I'm the one who is guilty. I'll just say this: apparently, in Hollywood, there are 'personal physicians' for hire who supply myriads of meds that basically become drugs...such as Demerol, injected, which is the same as morphine.

I know MJ has many fans who celebrate his music; I'm afraid I think of him as a pedaphile who had enough money to pay off the young boys. Also, right after he died, his family's attorney said he'd warned him that he was surrounded by enablers (pushers in this case).

I'm sure everything will eventually come out. But the TV is off for now, and hopefully that continuous coverage will cease.

OK, that's the only excuse I'll offer! But life does seem to impact me and I need to keep on posting. Yes, I DO have pictures in my camera! Onward and upward!

That said, we will be driving to Clarksville, TN, for a sort-of reunion. Dick's daughter Angela lives there with her husband Daniel and their 5 children. So some of us from his family, and some from Daniel's family, plan to get together over the 4th and meet each other, and enjoy the family. Yes, I WILL take pictures. Their 5th child, a bit of a surprise, is a Drama Queen. I'm sure that every time the flash goes off, she'll be grinning up at me.

I won't be blogging for those 5 or 6 days but will be enjoying family time.

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